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2009/03/11 / AoM

More Bravangelism.


Realized I mostly bitched about the wrong bra last night, and so should add a little more info today. If last night was Bad Bra, this morning is Good Bra.

I honestly did not know some of these things before I graduated with a BA in Boobology.

Most of the bra support should come from the band, not the straps as I believed. This is why your band should be SNUG. You should only be able to put a few fingers between your band & your body. If you can pull it way out a’la the Middle School Bra Snap, your band is too big! (Just think how much torture we could have prevented if only we had been taught Proper Bra Fit in 8th grade!)

The bottom of the bra in front and back should be parallel to the floor and the back should sit lower than you think.


We all know that the cups should be filled without overflow and boobs should be facing front, not sagging or falling to the sides.

Your New Bra should provide lift [and, as I mentioned before, if you are 30+ and/or a mom, you KNOW this is a must-have]. A good rule from Fig Leaves :

When your bra fits correctly and provides the right support, your nipple should be half way between your shoulder and your elbow.

In other words, your chest, at least, can look 20 again! Hurrah!

For more info on The Right Bra, see here:

Fig Leaves: what a correct fitting bra looks like

Perfect Fitting Bra Checklist from Her Room [pdf to download/print and stuff in your purse for that shopping trip!]

Bare Necessities Bra Helpful Hints

And don’t forget to be thankful we don’t have to wear this:


Happy Hunting, Ladies!


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  1. Jessica / Mar 13 2009 16:13

    I think your explanations are given better than Victoria herself!!

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