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2009/03/30 / AoM

Bone tired

So tired I can’t even think straight.  I think I was going to get off this computer and go do something, but now I forgot what.  Apparently preparing for a cross-country move in two weeks, without having yet secured housing, is just as mentally draining as it is physically. 

A girlfriend of mine e-mailed me asking for some help today, and referred to me as the most clever person she knows.  Bless her.  I believe she’s remembering the Me of fifteen years ago, because today I am dumb as a box of hammers.  And hungry.  Did I already mention the hungry part?

Perhaps I’ll have some good news tomorrow – a place to live – and then I can get back to my old clever self.  Hah.

Scanwiches looks good to me this evening.  Now why didn’t I think of that?





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  1. Jessica / Apr 1 2009 09:29

    Interesting creations

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