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2009/06/25 / AoM

Detox Update

Day One is over.  Now pour me a drink!  

Chickie handled the day very well.  Dude only had one notable meltdown 




But for the most part, a surprisingly good day.  For those who’ve asked, “What on earth did you guys do today?!”  I will give you a short list:


  • went swimming
  • made mud in the backyard
  • ate a popsicle or two
  • did some workbooks, then had a light saber duel with the markers
  • discussed ideas for luring the neighborhood rabbits into our backyard
  • watched about 20 minutes of Schoolhouse Rock  
  • read about 10 books
  • played a demented charades game of  Dude’s devising where he acts out his favorite dinosaurs and we try guess which one [“You’re a T-Rex! No, a Velociraptor! An Iguanodon!”]


The best part of today?  Clean-up took like 45 seconds.


A girl could get used to this.


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