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2009/06/26 / AoM

Detox: Day Two

As I was tucking The Boy into bed tonight, he said, “Thanks for all the fun stuff today. I had fun!”  That sounds like a nomination for Not-Worst Mother to me. 
Nice weather and a determination by all to enjoy our toyless time brought a  little mid-morning foot spa  [ok, I gave myself a pedicure.  The kids splashed their feet in the water and pretended they were, I don’t know, sharks or something.  Everybody’s happy and I got nice toes.]

about a dozen books

a train for “friends” with laundry baskets, washcloths, and chip clips

a little math and some cutting and pasting [the non-Windows kind]



and a rousing couple hours in the backyard.  We dumped the freezer’s ice-bucket in the water table and made an arctic ocean


then worked on keeping ourselves cool





All in all, another good day. 

At some point I am going to have to end the moratorium on toys.  But I don’t really feel in a hurry to do it.   The kids are surviving just fine.  I have enjoyed a little more peace in the house without all the I WANTED TO PLAY WITH THAT!  HEY!  GIVE ME THAT!  I HAD IT FIRST!  MAMAAAAAAA!

Time for some serious thinking about who stays and who goes after this is all over.  Every single bit of this stuff came into our home with the best of intentions, and while I am grateful for all the things my children have, that doesn’t mean I’m obliged to hold on to them forever. 

It was much easier to do this weeding out stuff as they moved from babyhood to kidhood – it was much more obvious when it was time for, say, the rattles and bottles to go.  Now, it’s not so simple.  There’s not much in my closet they’ve really outgrown as far as age.  But what was a good idea in the store is not always a good idea in the playroom. 

You can tell which things are a success – those toys are played with every single day.  The other stuff?  It’s either a) ignored or b) used as missiles in some epic Sibling Battle being waged while you’re in the shower.  

The stakes can only get higher from here.  I’m sure some of those guys hiding out in my closet – in bins and baskets and bags full to the brim –  must already suspect their days are numbered.   It’s either them or my sanity.  And I will not go down without a fight.  I smell a victory.  Maybe a rummage sale.   Yeah, Littlest Pet Shops, I’m talking to you.



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  1. Martha / Jun 27 2009 20:41

    You need to write a book!


  2. Jessica / Jul 1 2009 12:40

    I agree with Martha – you need to write a book!

    You are such a good mom! I aspire to be like you — if only your kids were older than mine I would be able to follow in your footsteps or ride your coat tails!

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