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2009/08/04 / AoM

Am I insane or does everyone take 2000 photos of their family?

pixcountA year?



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  1. jess / Aug 4 2009 22:14

    I’m in the same boat!!!! What do we do with all of these pictures????

  2. latherrinseandrepeat / Aug 4 2009 22:16

    Thank goodness for digital, huh? Can you imagine if we had to store them all in boxes like our parents did? … Come to think of it, that’s probably why our parents didn’t take 2000 photos of us!

    I weed mine out constantly. Been known to take 200 shots in one day, just to get maybe a dozen “keepers.” But hell, they do add up don’t they?! Some day when my babies are all grown up, I’ll be glad I’ve got em.

  3. smalvarado / Aug 5 2009 01:21

    I think you are asking two different questions.

  4. bessieviola / Aug 5 2009 17:04

    heee. I have about 3,800 since my daughter was born in 2008. Mostly of her. I really need to get them onto CD because they are seriously slowing the computer down!

    My vote: not insane whatsoever.

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