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2009/08/04 / AoM

I need three more people

Then my hits will be at 2000 and I will feel validated.



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  1. Christine / Aug 4 2009 10:24

    What constitutes a hit?

  2. latherrinseandrepeat / Aug 4 2009 10:44

    That really should read “visits.” I will correct it. “Hits” wasn’t the right thing to say.

    So this number could mean I’ve had almost 2000 people visit here once – doubtful – or you have visited here two thousand separate times – which means you desperately need a hobby.

    Most likely we can define it this way: there are a handful of you who are kind and supportive and have visited LRR a semi-regular basis. So thanks!

  3. smalvarado / Aug 5 2009 01:20

    Hmmm. I read thru Google Reader. I wonder if that counts. I use StatCounter to track my blog, but I have it filtered for unique visits/day. Still, I haven’t made it past 100 :-)

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