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2009/08/19 / AoM

Blogworthy: Our daughter the pharmacist

Mr’s new question if something funny/interesting happens:  “Is that blogworthy?”

Yesterday returning from the pool.

Mama to Girl:  “I will give you some Tylenol for your sore ankle when we get home.”

Two minutes later.  Girl: “Ow.”

Daddy: “What’s ‘Ow’?”

Girl: “Daddy, you need some Brainenol.  Don’t you remember me telling you my ankle hurts?!”

Now that is blogworthy.



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  1. Kelly / Aug 20 2009 08:48

    That is too funny. When I first started my blog, my friends would say the same thing to me! In fact, they wanted to have a dance-off to see who could get into the blog. I think I wrote about this, but I’m not as organized as you are with your labels, so I don’t know where it would be. I’m assuming at the start of my blog? Duh, Kelly.

  2. latherrinseandrepeat / Aug 20 2009 10:48

    Is it this one, Kelly?

    It is most important to filter out the unblogworthy, no? :)

  3. Kelly / Aug 21 2009 09:35

    Damn, you’re good! Yes, this is one of them, although I think I did write about the dance off sometime. Somewhere. Sigh. Oh, and before I forget, I wanted to tell you I am so proud of you for going out on a limb and knowing that you needed some help (and writing about it!). Now that the nausea is gone, I hope that everything is working for you.

  4. latherrinseandrepeat / Aug 21 2009 09:46

    Kel: I wanna see that dance-off one, if you can hunt it down. And Thank You, I appreciate your support. You’re swell!

  5. Kelly / Aug 22 2009 08:33

    No, you’re swell!

    Okay! Found the dance off one. Not my best work, but humorous:

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