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2009/08/25 / AoM

Morning Checklist for School

The Girl came up with this idea last week when she was playing school.   I thought it was so brilliant I typed it all up as she dictated to me.  I’ve seen this idea somewhere before, I know it, but cannot remember where to link y’all.

This is our soon-to-be kindergartener’s to-do list:



Mornings around here so far have had a little routine, but really are pretty unstructured.  That’s part of the fun of us being home.

The Girl is going to have some adjusting to do if we’re going to get her out of the house every day on time.  School starts early here, at 7:30am, so no time for dilly-dallying as she’d say.

I’ve got the checklist hanging in a plastic sheet protector, and Daddy’s donating a dry erase marker.  The Girl can check each item off her “chore list” as she gets them done. 

Hopefully this will avoid a lot of reminding and nagging and general shooing about in the wee hours before I’ve had my 150 cups of coffee.



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  1. Jessica / Sep 9 2009 15:52

    Hey Lisa! I aspire to be as organized as you. Can I borrow you for a week to come help me???

    I’m sure The Girl will do just fine. You can wrap your arms around her as tight as you can and it doesn’t stop the growth. I tried with Sam and she’s now on her way to her first Homecoming dance on Saturday! Stop I say, just stop!!!

  2. latherrinseandrepeat / Sep 10 2009 09:46

    You can borrow me anytime, Jess. But just keep in mind that I don’t post all the photos of the chaos and mess around here!

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