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2009/09/10 / AoM

Morning Checklist in Action

The first day of school, The Girl refused to believe it really was time to get up.  She yanked up the blinds and said, “You’re tricking me! Look, it’s still dark out!  It’s not morning yet!” 

Once we assured her that we weren’t fooling, the rest went smoothly.  She’s already grown used to the early wake-up time.  Thank goodness.  She’s certainly handling mornings better than her Mama.  Who ever decided starting the day this early was a good idea?!

My morning checklist would look something like:

  • Stumble downstairs.
  • Pour coffee with eyes half open. Clean up inevitable spill.
  • Grumble to self while putting together The Girl’s lunch.
  • Try to open eyes fully before the kids finish breakfast.

I really shouldn’t gripe.   The Girl is loving school.  I am enjoying some one-on-one time with The Boy.  The Boy is enjoying having all the toys to himself while his sister is gone.  I am having six blissful hours a day without “HEY! GIVE ME THAT BACK! I WANT THAT!  MAMAAAAAA!”  

All’s well in our world.


The Morning Checklist in action:



It is seriously working.  Yes, I doubted.  All we have to say is “check your list” and she’s off to the next task.   No fussing, no fighting, no nagging.  I highly recommend making your kids one of these!


My favorite part of the last couple weeks?  Despite the fact that school lets out at 1:45 every day, The Girl saves all her school stories for dinner time.  She wants to be able to tell both Mama and Daddy all about her day.  


My least favorite part?  That moment right before she walks out the door every morning.  By that time I’ve usually had enough coffee to have both eyes open.  And I see again that my baby is growing up.





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  1. Mr / Sep 15 2009 15:13

    thumbs up on the list!

  2. Nezzy / Sep 16 2009 12:45

    I love her list and the fact she is a girl with a plan. Sorry mom your not a morning person. When my big browns open I bound out of bed rarin’ to go. No coffee for this one….oh, that a scary thought.

    Hope your cutie has a perfect day at school and her mama is enjoying the day. God bless!!!

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