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2009/09/22 / AoM

Miss Steak

written a couple days ago

I still giggle to myself when I think of The Girl’s confusion about that darn Miss Communication and how she totally screwed up that day there was no school and we took The Girl in anyways.   It wasn’t funny at the time, since we were in the doghouse for about a day and a half after, but I do love that my girl likes school so much she actually gets pissed when there’s a day off. 

Been thinking a lot about that other unwanted guest, Miss Steak.  See, I’m not only the Queen of Oops, I am also the Queen of Self-Kicking.   90% of the time I find it amusing having a Mini-Me in the house, the other 10% I worry about The Girl being too much like me.  Ok maybe more like 80/20. 70/30.  Whatever. It’s painful to hear her talk herself down for messing something up.  I find myself sounding like a bit like a broken record the last week or so. 

That’s why they invented erasers


We learn from our mistakes

and so on and so on.

 Nobody is perfect.  None of us get it right the first time.  I gave The Girl this example the other day.  She wasn’t born knowing how to swim, but had to learn by trying and trying again, sometimes getting a noseful of water, sometimes staying afloat.  At the beginning of summer, she was afraid to even get her face wet, and by the time summer ended,  




It’s all about the practice.  And the mess-ups.  There’s no better way to figure out how to do things than to do them really really wrong a few times.  Kind of like my parenting.  But that’s a story for another day.  Tonight I feel like I finally got it right.

About an hour ago, The Girl called to me from the other room,  “Mama!  I’m so glad I just made a mistake because I’m learning!”

Now that, my friends, is blogworthy.


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