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2009/09/30 / AoM

“Get out of the kitchen” scavenger hunts

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – Plato

“How can I get dinner made with two kids hanging off my legs?!” – me


A most successful hour-before-dinner yesterday.  Out of frustration we made up a new game.  Scavenger hunts aren’t really new, are they?  Just new in our house.  But if you, like me, can’t seem to get dinner underway without every kid in the state desperately needing your attention, like right when the pasta’s about to boil over, you need this game.

Gave the kids a pencil, a checklist, and a big laundry basket.  The only rule is enter the kitchen only when the list is complete.  Our first list was simply find something of each color of the rainbow.  As we progressed we got a bit more creative. 

Not only was it great fun, but if you care about educational value, it encourages creative thinking and problem-solving. 

Here are some of the things on the Scavenger Hunt lists:

  • something soft
  • something hard
  • something with wheels
  • something with wings
  • something to read
  • something to write with
  • something that says “ribbit”
  • something colorful
  • something for building
  • something pointy
  • something round
  • something prickly
  • something that starts with the letter B
  • something that bounces
  • something that unlocks
  • something cozy
  • something with pictures of dinosaurs
  • something square
  • something big
  • something small

This is definitely a “do again” activity.  Wish I’d thought of it sooner, both for the Witching Hour and for rainy boring days.  I wish I’d taken some pictures of the things that ended up in the kids’ basket.  But I was busy.  I was cooking!


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