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2009/11/07 / AoM


“This vacuum is sooo heavy.  I bet you couldn’t even move it.”

“I bet I could. I’m strong!”

“No, I think it’s too big for you.  No way could you push it.”

“I can do it, Mama!  Let me vacuum!





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  1. smalvarado / Nov 7 2009 22:49

    Next you should pull a Huck Finn when it’s time to clean the toilet.

  2. latherrinseandrepeat / Nov 8 2009 20:10

    You know, that idea ain’t half bad! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Emily / Nov 21 2009 22:14

    Very cute vacuumer. I am in love with that room. Looks so cheerful and organized :)

  4. latherrinseandrepeat / Nov 21 2009 23:17

    Thanks, Emily. The cutest thing about her is: she’s STILL volunteering to vacuum! :o) If you like the room [thanks, by the way], you can see more playroom shots at my family’s website Glad you stopped by!

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