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2009/11/05 / AoM

Need. More. Coffee.

Busy. Busy. Busy busy. Laundry, researching health plans for next year, raising some people, getting prepared to clean the bathrooms, at some point hopefully I can shower today… too much in the hopper at once. What else is new? But, I feel guilty: been neglecting all my [two] fans, haven’t I? Haven’t been posting very regularly. Again, what else is new?

Not enough time to compose a thought here, so I’ll share a few “what I’m interested in” stuff for now. For now I need to enter the labyrinth of insurance coverage options. Whee.

See y’all later.

Leo at Zen Habits talks about “How to be childlike.” Now who couldn’t benefit from a little of that?

Surfing Scholastic’s booklist pages for inspiration.

Tsh again of Simple Mom, this time about balancing your never-ending housework duties with your never-ending parenting duties. Something I always need to work on.

I’ve had this cookbook, Love Soup, on my Amazon wish list a while now. Found Amy at Angry Chicken gives it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Now I really gotta have it.

I have a crush on Susan of Food Blogga. I read her article on sunday dinner and ran right out to buy all the ingredients for good old Italian “gravy” and meatballs. After eating it last Sunday, I think I love Susan even more.   You MUST try this recipe.  Holy crap.



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