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2010/08/19 / AoM

Shower, Interrupted

“MAMA! MAMA!!!!”

I run out of the bathroom, down the stairs, with soap and water dripping everywhere and heart in my mouth.

“What? What?!”

“How do you spell ‘arguing’?”

“Are you shitting me?”

Time to revisit the 3-B Rule.  Do not scream for me when I’m in the shower, on the phone, or otherwise occupied.  Except if there’s Blood, Barf, or Bad Guys in the house.

“Sorry, Mama, I forgot.”

Now I can go shave the other leg.



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  1. B-Sting / Aug 19 2010 13:35

    Ha! Love it! May I steal that brilliant 3-B rule?

  2. LRR / Aug 19 2010 20:10

    Yes. Anytime.

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